Bruce Lyon

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Perhaps the most important imperative for humanity in the current era is the restoration of a sacred relationship with the earth as a living being.

The whole planet is a miraculous temple in cosmos and our bodies are synergistic and interdependent wonders intimately connected in the great web of life.

Modern temples are places where our inner and outer worlds coalesce; where we pause and nod to the mystery; where we live, work, eat, play and make love in a sacred manner. They are places where human beings are a seamless part of nature, dancing with the earth as a lover.

I consider the work I do teaching and traveling in the world as the outreach of what has to be learned and lived in locus – a specific place on the earth and through relating with family, community, and beloveds.

The Maori have a term for this kind of place – turangawaewae – a sacred place to stand.

When I am not out and about in the world I live in a natural eden, an island in the Bay of Islands in northern New Zealand. It is a wildlife sanctuary and I am immensely grateful to feel an intrinsic part of that wildlife.

Here is a taste of what we call the Uranian Temple