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About Zoe

Once a year at the time of the Leo/Aquarius Full Moon we gather for a week somewhere in Greece to celebrate Life.
Zoe in Greek means ‘Life Eternal.’ In Japanese the same word means ‘Uniquely different.’ This week-long summer retreat supports you to celebrate the unique expression of the one life that you are. Come play with us for seven days of Meditation, Ritual and Tantra. We will enter our essential divinity and passionately create new life and new worlds even as the old structures of civilization fall around us.

Delight in the beauty of nature as your higher wisdom merges with the playful and sensual aspects of being. Absorbed in the present moment we enter kairotic time and open to eternity. When we are deeply immersed in the infinite and at the same time in conscious communion with our physical body and the natural world, we stand in the great waterfall of being. The body is an exquisite calibrator for full awareness and presence.

The collaboration of Bruce and Sarita teaching together is a unique gift. Both are world-renowned masters in their chosen fields. Sarita is a Tantra Master and Bruce is a Master of Metaphysics. As they come together to share their combined wisdom and effervescent love, participants find themselves in a spiritual feast worthy of the Gods. To be with Sarita and Bruce is to remember our divinity and empowered sensuality. They inspire the awakening of spirit within matter.

This group is designed to open a portal directly to source, so that the lightning strike of Eternal Life is fully earthed in the moment-to-moment experience of being here, in heaven, on earth. When spirit and flesh dance, the fruit is a wild creative joy and the one taste is: Zoe